Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The SOBs: Worst Moment

Welcome to stop number seven of your annual Syracuse Orange Bloggerawards. I was charged with the painful task of revisiting the worst moments of the basketball season. So hold my hand, and together, we can get through this. No pain, no gain, right?

First up is the shot that handed Syracuse its first loss of the year. You might remember seeing it a few hundred times.

The 60 foot miracle in the Cleveland State game. It didn't end up really hurting our season, but it was so annoying seeing that highlight every time someone mentioned us throughout the year. -Dan, SWRLU
Oops. Probably should have read that before posting he highlight. Sorry, Dan.

Next up is a game that many probably forgot about, but it certainly encapsulated all that was problematic on this season's Orange.
Losing to Louisville at home on January 25th. We were tied with two minutes to go. Syracuse was in control, and they proceeded to miss every shot they took for the next minute. We lost, but we never should have. While there were a few other bad moments, this one seemed to sting the most. -Brian, Orange::44
For a really crappy youtube video of the highlights you can go here, but I don't recommend it.

The game against Oklahoma in the sweet sixteen was billed as "the hottest team [Syracuse] vs. the best player [Blake Griffin]." It didn't quite live up to expectations as SU was easily beaten. It was a bad loss by any stretch of the imagination.

Once again, the loss to Oklahoma. -Ray, SWRLU
26-6 run by the Sooners to make a one-point game a 19-point game early in the 2nd H. That sucked. Hard. -Damon, Orange Fizz
I would agree that that the game against OU was probably the worst loss. However, I think there is an off-the-court incident that overshadows it:
The Devendorf Incident: Even though it turned out the girl was making it all up, it still made us look bad and provided fodder for opposing fans for at least another year. -Me

The Devendorf Suspension -Andrew, T3I

And now the winner of the SOB, with over twice as many votes as any other category, Jonny Flynn declaring for the NBA Draft.

Flynn declaring for the draft and instantly realizing that I could be running the point for Syracuse in 2009-2010 and Boeheim hasn't let me know yet. -Matt, Hoya Suxa

Jonny Flynn finally signing with an agent. -Matt, The Orange Report

Text message from my friend Aaron... " Jonny Flynn signs with an agent. Well it was awesome being sporting news preseason #1 while it lasted." -Nick, Nick's 2 Cents

“Jonny Flynn signs with Agent.” * Blech* -Dan, The Sport Hump

Hearing the news that Jonny Flynn was going to sign with an agent. So disappointing on many levels. It's like an era ended before it ever really started. -Sean, TNIAAM

Phew. Well I'm glad that's over with. If thinking about the preceding events has you down in the dumps, take solace in the fact that we didn't end up in the NIT (*cough*Hoyas*cough*). Plus, coming up in one hour, we'll have the Best Game award presented by my friend BH over at Orange::44.

And now for something completely different. We've got some bad news/good news. The bad news is this will probably be the last post on SWRLU. Wait! Don't cry! The good news is I am relocating to CuseOrange, the sleekest Orange blog on the internets. Check it out for my occassional thoughts on this crazy world that is SU Athletics.