Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's getting drafty

So right after the loss to Oklahoma in the Sweet Sixteen I started writing an entry on here. All the frustrations of watching that game came out, and after it was done I decided it was a little too emo to be posted. Probably better to just move on. Speaking of which...

As I'm sure you know by now, three Orange are declaring for the NBA draft. It's clear that only one has the potential to be a first-round pick, but many are saying he's the most likely to return. No one can be sure how this is all gonna shake out, but here are my uneducated guesses:

Eric Devendorf

Gone. The latest news is that he's already hiring an agent, which would mean he is ineligible to return to the NCAA. It's extremely unlikely that he will be drafted. He's suffering from G-Mac syndrome. He was a critical part of a college team but just doesn't have the size or athleticism to make it in the Association. He'll end up in the D-League (Most likely the Reno Bighorns along with every other SU alum) and then transfer to the ABA or some other minor league in a year or two after it's clear that no NBA teams want him. E is so American that I don't really see him fitting in across the pond in Europe.

Paul Harris

My guess is that Paul is waiting to see what Jonny will do. If same-sex unions were legal in New York, I'm pretty the two of them would have a common law marriage by now. Paul is declaring for the draft just so that he will have his options open. If he does go, Paul seems like more of the European type. He'll get in touch with some of Donte Greene's German contacts and perhaps join the New Yorker Phantoms. He'd look good in one of these jerseys. However, I think he's going to stay for his senior year because....

Jonny Flynn

Right now, I say Jonny's back. All of the "anonymous sources" referenced in articles about his position say that he really wants to be in an Orange uniform next year. I also think that all these articles coming out with Syracuse in the top 3 for the '09-'10 season can only make him want to come back more. It's clear that Jonny wants nothing more than to win, and if he comes back he'll have all the tools that he needs to take Syracuse into the Final Four. He'll only leave if his stock significantly rises during the pre-draft workouts, so Jonny, don't try too hard to impress those scouts. Please.

So I'm betting on Devo to the D-League, and Niagara's finest will return for another year, cementing SU's high preseason rankings. What are your predictions?

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