Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I had the good fortune of traveling with the basketball team a couple times during my tenure with the Sour Sitrus Society. There's nothing better than flying to Florida on a private jet on university money. Unfortunately every time I traveled we lost. Judging by these pictures from the trip back home from Miami, it looks like things are a lot more fun when you win.

So does anyone know if Kris Joseph and Kris-Kross are related? They sure dress alike.

The flight attendants are apparently Oklahoma operatives. They tried to trap Jonny Flynn in the bathroom...

Two of them even teamed up, but fortunately he was able to escape. Their actions led to an investigation by SU Athletics. They were interrogated by Quentin Hillsman yesterday. They have not been seen since.

Note the blue and orange leather interior. I'm guessing this is the new SU jet that we heard so much about a few months ago. Nice to know that my tuition was put to good use.

Muchas gracias to Sammy and Shannon for unknowingly letting me steal the pictures for my personal use.


Sammy said...

I don't think it was our jet - it was a southwest plane - i heard they just rent it for the season or something?

And i saw these pics on my google reader and did mad double takes. thanks for the cred ;-)

Shannon said...

That's so cool that you used my pictures. You can use them anytime!

I really like your blog a lot!