Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are new basketball uniforms on the way?

It was three years ago that Syracuse was chosen as one of the select schools to unveil Nike's new System of Dress uniforms. They've received mixed reviews ever since, but I'm a fan. I'm still waiting for the day when someone breaks out the ridiculous long sleeves to match the shorts.

It's no secret the SU is pretty friendly with Nike, so I'm surprised that we aren't a member of the Swoosh's latest experiment: Nike Pro Combat. From the front these are nearly indistinguishable from the current SoD generation. The back, however, is where the changes are happening, and while some are subtle, most are flatout ugly. To see the rest of the collection go to this UniWatch post and scroll down to the section titled "Burying the Lede."

So since we've been Nike's guinea pig in a lot of uniform experiments, could something like this be coming to SU? I certainly hope not. The patterns on the back are just weird. Plus, ours would probably end up looking like this:

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Kern said...

Well Buddy....

I hate to break it to you....

But I think the new scrubs could be closer to reality than we all think....

At the Men's B.E.C. the cheer squads, ours included, handed out shirts that say:

"The Orangemen are battleproof- Nike Pro Combat"

I know, I have one, I am looking at it.

So, maybe this is a sign of things to come?

A coincidence? Or something more.....

I think not.