Monday, December 8, 2008

Top 10 reasons to go to a women's game

Ed. note: So I wanted to write this post to show that even though the men's team is on a break, you can still get your basketball fix from the women's team. Then I looked at the schedule and saw that they're in the middle of a week-long break, too. Damn. Well I'm gonna post it anyway.

I was in the Sour Sitrus Society for each of my 4 years at SU, so I was forced to attend women's games. I'll admit that the first few years it was a chore; I went just because I liked playing in the band. Then last year something amazing happened... It was actually fun to go to the games. Coach Q's recruits started making a big impact and before you knew it the girls were dancing while the boys were in the NIT.

Despite all this, attendance was pretty poor, even during Big East games. Granted, no one really expected them to be good, and it takes a while for word to get around. Allow me to name the top ten reasons why you (yes, you) should go out to a women's game.

10. The band
Yeah, ok, I'm biased on this one, but the band will keep you entertained, I promise. The more intimate atmosphere of these games allows them to do some cheers and jeers that wouldn't be possible at the men's games. Feel free to join in. More on this later.
9. The UConn game
This was easily the highlight of the season last year. It's the ladies' version of the Georgetown game. In case you aren't familiar, UConn is a perennial #1 in women's basketball. Last year 'Cuse came real close to taking them down, and I think if we keep on improving this could turn into a fun rivalry. Unfortunately the Huskettes won't be visiting the dome this year, but watch for it next season.
8. Erica Morrow

She's good. She's really good. She's the first really high-profile recruit that Coach Q was able to land, and she's a big reason for the Orange's success last year. Plus she's only a sophomore. I'm looking forward to seeing what she does over the next few years.
7. Fundamental basketball
I hear people say this a lot when arguing on behalf of women's basketball, so it's kinda cliche but nevertheless true. If you like to see pure, fundamental college basketball without all the glitz and glamor of the men's games, then this is the place for you. If you're looking for acrobatic dunks, try somewhere else.
6. The men's team
Speaking of the guys, they are regularly in attendance at the women's games, seated underneath the basket by the home bench. They're usually happy to pose for some pictures or sign autographs, and it's also fun to watch them getting into the game, cheering along with the rest of the fans. Plus you never know when one of them might hop on the drumset. I hear Jonny can lay down a good beat.
5. It's quiet
Too quiet. This means that if you want to heckle the opposing player while she's shooting a free throw, she can hear every word of it. It's fun to get in someone's head. Just... keep it tasteful. Oh, and try not to offend any visiting Girl Scout troops.
4.Marisa Gobuty
She's cute and has a better jump shot than you.
3. It's cheap
I'll be the first to admit that I'm pretty frugal. If you are, too, then it doesn't get much better than a women's game. Student can get in for free and adult tickets are only 8 bucks. Bring the whole family!
2. They're good
And it looks like they will be for a while. It's amazing how fast this team has turned around. They seriously went from Big East bottom-dwellers to a top 25 team in the blink of an eye. These girls are obviously well-coached, talented, and unselfish, and there's more talent on the way in the form of the #22 recruiting class in the nation. I think the credit for this success goes to our number one reason to attend the game...
1. Quentin Hillsman
Coach Q may be the second coming of Christ. Turning SU women's basketball into a national contender over one season is just as impressive as turning water into wine. He's also one of the good coaching decisions made by Dr. Gross. I have never seen anyone more passionate about anything than Q at a basketball game. He's constantly jumping, yelling, running, falling on the floor, yelling, screaming, waving his arms frantically, looking pissed off, yelling, and/or laughing. He's so animated he might as well be a cartoon character. Above all he's a fantastic coach, and that's something that we SU fans should know not to take for granted.


Sammy said...

Hey Alex! You're awesome! Ditto this post, I love women's basketball for all these reasons.

Plus one more! This Sunday they're playing Niagara - and my friend from high school plays there. Her name is Liz Flooks and she's an effing STAR.


John said...

So what, I almost got us kicked out of Manley Field House. Those girl scouts didn't care about the game anyway. If shoving a megaphone in an opposing players face and screaming right in her ear all the way from the locker room to the court is wrong...well then I DONT WANT TO BE RIGHT!